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We create ventures 5x faster and 5x more successful, giving a high return on investment

About Kuber Ventures

Kuber Ventures is a venture studio where we create new ventures 5x faster and 5x more successful, giving a high return on investment. We prefer being the first investor that an entrepreneur brings on board at the seed stage of a company and help build the venture ground up, working together in the trenches. We follow a proven success model of venture building, along with the ‘3C Methodology’ that is proprietary to us. 


We conceive a venture or acquire the IPs even before we create it as a company. We find potential founders and do all groundwork before incorporating & launching the venture.


We register and create the company with best practices making it very investor friendly. We setup the entire ecosystem, the right legal & capital structure for the company and give the founders an early start.


We apply our proven success models in every crucial area of new business operation like talent, sales, marketing, market access ,and also arrange funds making business self-sustaining without compromising the growth. 

Our Business

Venture Building

We create ground up new ventures with proven business ideas and bring in right founders to take those ventures forward. 

Venture Re-Building

We acquire promising ventures and give them the desired makeover before relaunching with old and new founders. 

Portfolio Creation

We create a strong portfolio for investors to get higher and faster returns on their investment on portfolio companies. 


Create the venture as a service on demand, for solving specific business problems for Corporates & Family Offices. 

Quick facts about 'Venture Studios'

Explosion of growth in recent years

According to Enhance Ventures, there are around 560 studios operating across the globe, contributing to 625% growth in the category since 2013. 

Better Return on Investment

Startups created by studios have a 53% internal rate of return (IRR) on average. Compared that to the average for non-studio startups, which sits at 21%. 

Chances to scale faster

Startups by venture studios scale faster and provide better returns to investors.  From creation to seed round in an average of 10.6 Months — less than a third of the time it takes for non-studio startups to raise a seed round.  

Higher Success Rate

According to the Global Startup Studio Network (GSSN)’s 2020 Disrupting the Venture Landscape report, startups that launch from studios see 30% higher company success rates. 

Better chances of raising capital

Almost every company launched from a startup studio raises a seed round, and 72% of those that raise a seed round go on to raise Series A financing. Studios accelerate the speed to funding for startups.

Other key benefits to startups

Better ecosystem support, better access to initial founding or seed capital, readily accessible expertise & operational teams, better access to much larger network of founders, innovators, tech & business experts, investors & markets.

Our Focus Verticals

Marketing, Content & Digital Media Tech
Talent, Work Tech & Creator economy
Clean Energy & Environment, Sustainability
eSports & Gaming

Why Kuber

Successful Startups are a team sport, yet most entrepreneurs have to deal with the challenges of starting up alone. Constrained resources, skill & tech limitations, minimal access to the best of marketing reach & visibility and lack of a promising narrative that can help attract the right set of co-founders, key talent or paying customers, and a limited runway, are only some of the most common challenges that every early-stage startup needs to overcome. Even when the startup seems to have achieved the initial product-market fit, putting it on a path of hyper-scalability and profitability is a very different game. All this gets further complicated when the startup founders neither get the suitable mentoring and nor the investors to fund their startup, leading to more startup failures than successes.

The picture for the investors is not rosy either. While the large global investors, PE firms & seasoned venture capitalists usually have an enormous appetite for risk and better exposure in certain aspects, the challenges for family offices and early-stage investors are different. It requires a very different set of insights(not just instincts) to spot a promising startup at its early stages and then set it up for a more significant success to achieve a high return on investment.

We have been on both sides. Being entrepreneurs ourselves, we have lived the journey and not just read about someone else’s - The journey of starting up from scratch and turning our business into a high-growth, profitable multi-million dollar enterprise that it is today. On the way, we also met many investors, learned from their perspectives, and successfully raised funds for our startup.

Inspired by the thought of backing world-class entrepreneurs looking to create a wide-scale positive impact and helping family offices & early-stage investors identify the right set of startups to invest in, we have created Kuber Ventures.

Kuber Ventures is a venture-building studio where we create ventures 5x faster and 5x more successful, giving a high return on investment.
We prefer being the first investor that an entrepreneur brings on board at the seed stage of a company and help build the venture ground up, working together in the trenches.

Great founders build successful companies & the team quality being the greatest tangible asset of any early-stage startup; we bet our time, efforts & resources on the highly focused, committed, adaptable, resilient, honest, and coachable founders.
We are very fast in making decisions to accept any startup into our venture studio, and therefore you won’t have to wait for long to get our verdict. Having worked in various global markets with a varied set of customers & cultures, we recognise that one-size doesn’t fit all. Therefore, every startup must get its narrative right, ideally from Day 1. Also, the markets shift, consumer behaviour changes & pandemics occur. Hence, one of our most considerable values is helping entrepreneurs think through the pivotal decisions as they build their startups, and staying by their side even when the times get tough. 

Our Advantage

New Business end-game Planning

We work with proven success templates, business models and available market needs. We create a venture very fast from idea to working prototype and a complete working business plan. Our experts provide shared support for almost everything needed by a new venture.

Technology and Talent play

We support with most of the initial technology needs of the startups by ensuring zero wastage and help them creating a strong technology support ecosystem. We also get the right founders, co-founders, dedicated talent and shared workforce to help in faster success of the startups.

Marketing, Branding & Sales support

We use our proven marketing strength, network of clients, partners and a sales ecosystem to give a quick start and revenue; plus a brand that customers can easily recall.

Getting Best Valuation and Investment

We ensure that the startup is made attractive enough with right legal structures, capital structure, founders, customers, partners and revenue. Our experts then help position the opportunity with several investors globally for raising seed or Pre-A round funding.

Our Portfolio In Making

Marketing In Asia
Marketing In Asia (MIA)
Asia’s leading business media & marketing platform.

Asia’s fast-growing esports & gaming community platform.

Digital contactless cards with an integrated online services ecosystem for talent & work.
Asia's One-Stop Content Localization and Language Tech Company.
A next generation Content creation, hosting and creator's marketplace platform.
Saarthi Greentech
Saarthi Greentech
Clean-Tech company manufacturing Electrolyser-based portable Hydrogen Fuel Systems.

Our Advisory Panel

Piyush Palkar
Piyush Palkar
The Data and Insights Champion

Kanishk Upadhyay
The Banking & Financial Services Guru
Chayan Hazra
The Fin-Tech & Payments Guru

Marcel Gasser 
The Digital Nomad & Business Buddha
Sanmesh Thakur
The Content & OTT Champion
Vrushang Sheth
The Transfer Pricing & Taxation Expert
Sam Shafie
The Equity Crowd Funding Champion
Ashish Singhal
The Digital, Tech & Telecom Expert


Alok Kumar
Alok Kumar

Founder turned investor and expert in business technology, with more than three decades of professional experience and more than twelve years as CEO/ MD position in global companies. Extensive experience of creating successful startup companies from ground up. Founder of SCIKEY, that has been consistently ranked as fastest growing company in India and AsiaPac.

Karunjit Kumar Dhir
Karunjit Kumar Dhir

Founder turned investor and expert in global expansion, marketing and sales. With more than two decades of experience as CXO and hands on experience in creating & growing successful startups ground up. Co-Founder of SCIKEY, that has been consistently ranked as fastest growing company in India and AsiaPac.

Some Of Our Partnerships

Faster Capital 



Common Ground

Malaysia Digital

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